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Everything you need to master the full Vue.js Ecosystem and the certification to prove it! All with a massive saving of 57%!

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22% of all sales from the Ultimate Vue Bundle bundle go to supporting these open-source frameworks




About the Ultimate
Vue Bundle

If you are an aspiring or experienced Vue.js developer, the Ultimate Vue Bundle contains all the courses to unlock the mastery of the entire ecosystem, from state management done right to building performant websites and everything in between.

Not only that, but a collection of certificates that you can add to your CV to prove that you know your stuff!

Products included
in the Ultimate Bundle

Vue School Lifetime Subscription

Vue School Lifetime Subscription

Full Price


Official Vue.js Certification: Exam & Preparation

Official Vue.js Certification: Exam & Preparation

Full Price


Mastering Nuxt 3 Complete

Mastering Nuxt 3 Complete

Full Price


Mastering Pinia Complete

Mastering Pinia Complete

Full Price


Mastering Nuxt 2 Complete

Mastering Nuxt 2 Complete

Full Price


Total Bundle Value$2772

You pay$1199


57% OFF

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Vue School Lifetime Subscription

$900 $450

Save 50%


Official Vue.js Certification: Exam & Preparation

$1057 $599

Save 43%


Mastering Nuxt 3 Complete

$269 $199

Save 26%


Mastering Pinia Complete

$297 $199

Save 33%


Mastering Nuxt 2 Complete

$249 $99

Save 60%

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Meet the people you support with each Ultimate Vue Bundle purchased.

We often talk about the organizations that you support with each purchase that you make. Why not get to know some of the real people that you support with each purchase of these products. Be proud that you are supporting many people in the open source community


Eduardo San Martin Morote

Creator of Pinia & Vue Router


Evan You

Creator of Vue.js


Sébastien Chopin

Creator of Nuxt


Michael Thiessen

Mastering Nuxt 3 Instructor


Josh Deltener

Mastering Nuxt 2 Instructor

& all the people at Vue School



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